DePOT Design is an agency specialising in overall brand development and creative packaging design solutions.


Our service portfolio focuses on four main areas:

brand development and strategy

packaging design

prepress and print management

sales promotion

Based on our extensive experience, we know

that to create a strong brand with a functional and attractive design

you must synergize marketing strategy with both unique creativity

and professional technological production

Key Persons

Peter Potrok


bussiness director

and specialist in prepress preparation

Jiří Schiefner



wide experience with brand development and packaging design

As we are aware that people are the key, we have proudly based our team on experienced marketing and creative specialists, as well as expert technologists. For more than 10 years we have been active in our field, achieving proven success both in the FMCG market and beyond.

Essential to our first-rate results is close team cooperation with other specialists. Our creative team has been working with many Czech and multinational clients and brands on a long-term basis. Our attitude is that no project is too small, only good or poor work, success of failure.