The Sencor brand umbrellas a wide and ever-expanding product portfolio in the categories of consumer electronics, office equipment, car electronics, phones and tablets, kitchen, household, health, and beauty.

The work on this brand is very complex. It includes product photography and subsequent post-production. Furthermore, it is necessary to place the product in an appropriate, attractive, and natural environment within the design. A key part is maintaining a unified visual style throughout the entire product portfolio. Usually, the actual product print is also designed.

A "set" of documents is then created for each product. This set includes:

- Packaging design, including printing specifications (artwork)

- Technical label for the outer packaging

- Technical drawing and instructions for the product print

- A set of files with a 3D mock-up suitable for the Internet, flyers, and other ways of use

In the printing specifications, we also use direct colours, partial varnish, and embossing.

Client: FAST


Packaging Design

Date: April 12, 2022