Europlant - Megafyt Pharma - FitActiv

Graphic design of a new product line of nutritional supplements and graphic design for the FitActiv brand.

The task was to create a clean pharmacy design with a strong visual identity. The unifying elements of the entire FitActiv brand portfolio are curves, which define the logo’s design and add elegance and lightness to the design. White and pastel colors are an essential part of the concept. The basis of the whole FitActiv range consists of products with ALOE. The design of the Aloe range utilizes the color and texture of the Aloe Vera plant in the upper part of the packaging. The unifying color of the food supplements is blue, which also helps to distinguish it from the ALOE range. Fresh photographs of the ingredients or illustration photos are important parts of the design to help consumers orientate themselves within the portfolio and quickly understand the product.

Client: Europlant


Brand development


Date: March 1, 2015