Babiččina volba - redesign

Grandmother's choice is undoubtedly the most famous Czech brand and at the same time is one of the market leaders. Nevertheless, the client decided to support sales through a package redesign.

It was a mild facelift aimed at increasing visibility on the shelf. All the key elements were retained, but their proportions have been modified. The color design has undergone the biggest change. The colors are stronger and have more contrast. The background color is yellow and the overall tone is warmer and more homely. This effect is achieved mainly through completely new technological processing. More vivid and stronger Pantone colors are used instead of a CMYK color layout. The printer and the printing paper have been changed based on our recommendation.

The backside is devoted to marketing texts and promotional news. The redesign has been also used as the basis for an updated TV campaign.

Furthermore, we created seasonal packaging aimed at encouraging sales during the Christmas holidays.

Client: Goodmills



Date: Aug. 11, 2015