Carnilove True Fresh Cat

True Fresh Cat is an extension of our highly successful dog food range.

The packaging design uses the same visual language as the dog range. However, it also applies its own unique graphic elements. The overall concept is more playful and colourful, which helps in communicating to a specific target group of cat lovers. The attractive depiction of meat in the bowl accentuates the palatability of the product, which is so important to cats and their owners. The hand-drawn illustration of a cat adds authenticity to the whole design and leaves the consumer in no doubt as to who the product is for. Handmade paper with embossed petals is used in the background, which lightens the whole visual even more and adds a playfulness to it.

A range of supporting materials have also been created for the Carnilove True Fresh CAT range.

Client: VAFO


New Product Line

Brand and Packaging Design

Date: Jan. 24, 2023