Carla - chocolate with hemp seeds

Packaging design for the new slim premium chocolate bar with hemp seeds.

Hemp seed is a source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Their natural ratio within hemp seed is considered to be optimal from the nutritional point of view. Therefore, the seed is a perfect ingredient for a healthy and balanced diet. In our graphic concept, the focus is on atmosphere and emotions. In the background, we find scenes from the Caribbean region, where hemp has a well-known history. The whole design has a "retro" touch, further highlighting its authenticity.
A fundamental part of this highly premium design must also be a first-class printing process. Blind blocking, gold embossing, and partial varnish, are all used to underline the impression of luxury.
The “Konopky” product now also expands the range of chocolate bars, which are dark chocolate truffles filled with hemp seeds. The design corresponds with chocolates and complements the whole range.

Client: Carla


New design

Packaging design

Date: Aug. 2, 2015