Brit Meaty Jerky

Extension of the snack range. This is a growing market segment.

Brit Jerky are created by slow, gentle drying of meat, which process preserves the nutritional value of treats in its most natural form.

Almost every dog is sometimes rewarded, and Meaty Jerky is a very good way of doing it in a healthy way, supplementing pure protein and thus improving the health of our dog pets.

The design is based on the Brit snacks line, maintaining the dominant white colour and layout of each individual component. The range differs in the emphasis on the depiction of meat. We also use strong typography to support the essence of the product. Since it is a unique and visually attractive product, we decided to use a transparent element.

Additional communication, which we also worked on, is supported by the slogan: Crazy about meat!

Client: VAFO



Date: April 12, 2022